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Orange Studios

Gamified community platform that significantly increased the engagement of local leaders 

Design & Engagement Management

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The Orange Foundation founded 100 multimedia after-school clubs in small cities (less than 20,000 residents). The open Orange Workrooms were meant to be more than just ordinary internet cafés.

 How to make workroom guests organise developing projects and just play games? We needed a scattered motivations system enabling us to motivate leaders and volunteers to take valuable initiatives and allow them to develop their workrooms in a direction that is in line with the needs of the local community. 


Increasing engagement


Civic Society


Responsive website




Gamified platform for the Orange Studios communities

Community leaders describe organised actions on the platform, share their ideas for projects and take up challenges – social missions prepared by us that develop their digital and social competencies and professionalise teams. Workrooms gain points for completed tasks that they can exchange for attractive equipment that can help them implement other initiatives e.g. projectors, cameras, flipcharts or educational games.



average user engagement growth


new projects and activities


years of maintaining high engagement

Our Tasks

We were responsible for:

Profilaktyki zdrowotnej

Profilaktyki zdrowotnej




Engagement Management


Orange Workrooms is Gerere’s first project. Although we were just starting, we knew that we would engage people for 2 years only if we understand their needs and motivations well. 

  • We analysed the needs and requirements of the target group, 

  • We interviewed local leaders to better understand their motivations and the environment they come into contact with,

  • We monitored user behaviour from the first week of operation of the application in order to balance game assumptions and to motivate participants to be more active.

Analytics & 




Engagement Loop

1 Describes completed projects

Events, ideas, news
from the Studio

2 Gains points adequate to the activities

The harder and more time-consuming the task, the more points.

3 Buys rewards

that develop

Workrooms are free to choose rewards and choose these that help them to complete more actions.

Motivational analysis showed that in order to effectively increase the willingness to act among the Workroom leaders, they should be offered greater opportunities for action. We decided to put an emphasis on this and gave them the opportunity to win real items that could bring them closer to this goal.

Orange Studios user:

Key features

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1 Gamification in moderation

Just being active, being in the swim of things and organising the life of the local community is a lot of fun for leaders. That is why we gave up story line elements. We did not want overly engaging mechanics to move the leader activity from the real world to the online platform.

2 Surprising challenges

We knew that the Workrooms would be active for at least two years. It is difficult to keep interest for such a long time with the help of repetitive mechanics and that is why we have launched the Challenges functionality. Several times a month we publish ideas for special projects to be implemented for which users can gain a lot of points. 

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3 Community of activists

From the beginning, one of the assumptions was to integrate the leaders of the Orange Workrooms. The fact that the Workrooms were dispersed made it harder. The leaders meet up only once a year at a convention, so the platform adopted a community format. Each Workroom has its own identifier, and every individual involved in Workroom’s activity can have their own account. Besides current information, they can also add ideas and projects to the base of inspirations. They can also comment every entry. In this way everyone knows who is from which Workroom and what they are up to.

Unique Ideas

We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't add something from ourselves. We implement unconventional ideas and climb to the heights of creativity so that the project succeeds and appeals to the recipients.


For the first time in Poland, gamification was used on a such a big scale in developing local communities

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