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Panda School is a product addressed to people who did not think about working in the financial sector before. That is why it was necessary to research and understand potential barriers, and to remove them from user’s path in order to create an effective product. 

  • During Design Sprint we learned about customer expectations and user needs

  • We prepared a project pilot and sales funnel, which allowed us to verify the attractiveness of the product

  • We conducted tests with users at several stages

1 Learning

Solving Fund Accounting tasks

2 Appreciation

Motivating feedback.
Getting badges.

3 Motivation

Meeting programme ambassadors and learning their stories. A lot of good emotions.

As soon as we get to understand user needs, we start designing. Each of our projects contains a unique engagement loop customised to the recipient. 

Key features

1 Modern layout

The platform is addressed mostly to students and graduates that is why we decided to create it in a modern and friendly way. 

2 Real Ambassadors

We wanted to show that finding a job in finance is possible and available to everyone. We have established cooperation with young humanities graduates who work in the business service sector. Their profiles can be found during the course.

3 We seek job for students

After completing the course, students do not have to look for a job on their own. We do it for them. We send information about the completed course to our partners, who then contact the candidates.

We adapted the existing platform for the needs of the course!

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We have offices in Warsaw

but we work in the whole Europe

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