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The project was implemented in accordance with the Gerere methodology. We took into consideration the needs of our partners and the target group, and then we tested the game concepts with children during school visits. In 8 weeks, 3 feedback loops from users were successfully created. 

  • During the strategic workshop, we got to know the customer's expectations and planned next steps.

  • We have tested the game concepts with children to select the ideas that they like the most.

  • We prepared low-fi and hi-fi mock-up layouts that allowed us to plan and check the structure of individual screens and the functions they are to perform.

1 Physical

The user receives a player for the activity in real life

2 Development

By completing educational tasks and being physically active, the user develops his players.

3 Prize

User's players take part in the championship. The better prepared they are, the greater the chance for a prize.

As soon as we get to understand the needs of users, we start designing. Each of our projects contains a unique engagement loop customised to the recipient. 

Key features

1 We reward for real physical activity

Our game as one of the few provides integration with popular sports applications that can measure child's activity. Physical activity in real life translates into game results.  

2 Cutting-edge education

The Internet is full of materials about physical activity and sports. Some of them are of questionable quality. In our application, children will be able to learn about sports, nutrition and safety from materials prepared in cooperation with experts.

3 Seasonality of the application

The gameplay changes depending on the season. This applies to both the appearance and content of the game. In winter the user can get players performing winter sports, and in summer – summer sports. In winter the player learns how to deal with frostbite, and in summer – with heat. 

We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't add something from ourselves. We implement unconventional ideas and climb to the heights of creativity so that the project succeeds and appeals to the recipients.

The game rewards users for physical activity in real life. 

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