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Games have their own rules. The implementation of the project was preceded by a long phase of analyses, during which we wondered what mechanics would accomplish the substantive goals, and also what game loop would guarantee high return to the application.

  • Using our game design knowledge, we built an engaging game loop

  • Conducting numerous brainstorms enabled us to match the knowledge to available mechanics

  • We created an interactive mock-up to test the idea before implementation

  • We tested the game with children

1 Learning

A child watches a film, solves a task, or plays a mini game

2 Appreciation

Motivating feedback

Gaining coins

3 Motivation

Buying clothes and taking care
of Prankster

After understanding user needs, we start designing. Each of our projects includes a unique, recipient-adapted engagement loop. 

Key features

1 Fun

 The application was created in such a way that it balances between education and entertainment. Substantive content is presented in an attractive way and is only a part of the game. 

2 Limited Game Time

We have designed the game in such a way that it does not engage too much. We did not want a child to spend a whole day playing. It engages only as much as necessary – Prankster needs to be fed every couple of hours and there are notifications in the game that reminds users to take a break.

3 Extending the experience

The MegaMission programme is present in hundreds of Polish schools. The game serves as an addition, and was designed so that both children who know Prankster and who do not had a lot of fun. 

We used Tamagotchi gameplay in order to reach the youngest children

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