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Instead of a ready-made solution, we went for an evolutionary product undergoing constant testing.

  • We created the project strategy in cooperation with the Council of Experts consisting of Tutors and Experts;

  • We launched an MVP with about 40% of all functionalities;

  • For 3 years we have been regularly developing the product, expanding target groups, increasing the level of involvement and adding new functionalities.

1 Learning

A tutor receives access to substantive scenarios of classes and fiction films for children. Carries out classes with children. 

2 Motivation

Personalisation of the hero – Prankster – which motivates to perform tasks, and a motivating feedback for children.

3 Community

A tutor shares reports from classes. The Tutor Zone as an inspiring space for platform users.

As soon as we get to understand user needs, we start designing. Each of our projects contains a unique engagement loop customised to the recipient. 

Key features

1 Gripping fictional world

 In cooperation with professional storywriters we created the game universe including Prankster, Kuba, Julka and many supporting characters. Each lesson is another episode of the series in which children participate in the after-school club. 

2 Intuituve platform for tutors

Without the participation of tutors, the programme would not become successful. That is why we tirelessly develop the product and adapt it to the realities and needs of tutors who use it once a week on average. 

3 Customisation of Prankster

After each class, children draw new costumes for their virtual Prankster and dress them up according to their own liking. It is an emotional reward that makes children wait for each lesson. 

We wouldn't be ourselves if we didn't add something from ourselves. We implement unconventional ideas and climb to the heights of creativity so that the project succeeds and appeals to the recipients.

We created a unique, animated, fictional game world

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